Customer Pledge

#1 – We will make you happy.

Based off of our mission statement: “Creating raving fans who eagerly refer us!”

If you aren’t thrilled, we aren’t satisfied.

#2 – You will deal with only friendly, trained professionals.

Based off our core value: Empowering Culture

We believe our empowering culture is our greatest asset and makes us entirely unique as an organization. Our team is made up of individuals who believe in our vision and who realize we can accomplish far more working together than we can on our own.

#3 – We will take ownership.  

If we make a mistake, (and we strive not to!) we will admit it!

Based off the core value: Self Responsibility

We realize that we are ultimately responsible for our own successes and failures. We celebrate achievements and recognize that failures are an opportunity for growth. We avoid blame whenever possible.

#4 – We will shoot you straight… NO B.S.!

Based off of the core values: Honest Communication & Integrity

Honest Communication: We are respectful and appreciative of differing points of views, realizing that each team member has the opportunity to bring valuable insight and talents to our organization. We are upfront, honest, and open with every team member in discussions and decisions.
Integrity: We treat each customer with honesty and integrity in all business dealings. We will work hard to set ourselves apart from other service companies that have given the home improvement industry a less than excellent reputation.

#5 – We aim to give you the best experience possible!

Based off of the core values: Unexpected Customer Service, Systematic, and Efficient

Unexpected Customer Service: It is our goal to delight our customers in such a way that they become advocates for NewLuxe Bath Glass.  We believe the value we add to our customers’ lives is more than delivering great products, but in the way we conduct ourselves before, during, and after the sale. 
Systematic and Efficient: 
We document procedures and follow processes with precision. We take the initiative to solve recurring problems and eliminate redundancies. We are constantly looking for better ways to get better results at our daily tasks.

#6 – We will give you the highest product quality possible with a written warranty.

Based off the Core Value: Unmatched Quality

Our high product quality is evident in our machinery, equipment, personnel, and installations. We pride ourselves in using, building, and installing only the highest quality shower enclosures, frameless shower doors, mirrors, and frames.