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The Benefits of Our Frameless Glass Showers

There is a bounty of benefits that you’ll enjoy when you have the crew here at NewLuxe install your new glass shower. You’ll love the aesthetic, usability, diverse applications, added value, and ease of cleaning. Here are a few more details about those aforementioned benefits:


Homeowners love our glass showers because they look both modern and timeless. You’ll love the open feeling of your glass shower, and the amount of “room” that its transparent panels seem to add to your bathroom space.

If you have a small bathroom, you’ll love how spacious it feels with your NewLuxe glass. Since your panels are perfectly transparent, it’ll appear as though you have extra square footage where that tub or old shower used to sit.

Even if you have a big bathroom, you’ll love the aesthetic. Our glass installations look clean, and every NewLuxe bathroom looks a bit more illuminated and airy.

NewLuxe glass showers work well with any style. If you have a rustic-looking home, our showers won’t negate that rustic feeling, they’ll simply juxtapose and enhance the character of your home. If you have an abode with a more modern style, our shower enclosures will fit right in. It goes without saying, but NewLuxe glass shower enclosures work with any type of tile too.

Walk-In Showers

For many of our installations, our shower doors have little or no lip. That means that they’re completely accessible, even for those of us who are handicapped. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about stepping over the side of a tub, losing your balance, and slipping. When it’s time to shower, simply walk in and close the door behind you.

Enclosures for Steam

Our enclosures are ideal for steam. If you’re installing a steam shower, or if you’d simply like to keep a little bit of warmth and steam in the shower space as you dry off, you’ll love what our glass shower enclosures can do. Since we custom cut and fit our shower enclosures to the dimensions of your bathroom, we can ensure that they are enclosed enough to capture steam. We can also build enclosures that allow for variable amounts of air circulation, so that you can make the airflow suit your desires.

Added Home Value

Building a shower enclosure adds lasting value to your home. When you invest in a NewLuxe glass shower, you can trust that you’ll recoop much of the cost of the installation when (and if) you ever opt to sell your home. As we mentioned, NewLuxe installations are timeless. As such, they’ll hold their value for years, and that’s great news for homeowners who are investing in their abodes.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning a NewLuxe glass shower couldn’t be easier. We suggest that our clients invest in a shower squeegee to minimize the amount of water leftover on the surfaces of your shower after you rinse. Squeegeeing your glass surfaces will keep them free of mold and mildew.

On occasion, you should also use a glass cleaner to disinfect the surfaces.

Shower Glass Installation FAQ

What is a frameless shower door?

Frameless shower doors are just that — glass shower doors that are installed without a frame. We use a unique system of specialized hardware, including specialized hinges, to install glass panels and frameless glass doors. Folks love the completely open aesthetic of our shower doors, and the lack of a frame makes them easier to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria and mold.

What kind of glass is used?

We use thick, tempered glass in our showers. This glass is the safest option for those who are using the shower, since it’s highly impervious to damage, and it won’t shatter into dangerous shards if it is damaged (tempered glass breaks into small shards, and often, these shards remain in tact with the rest of the panel). Tempered glass is roughly four to five times stronger than regular glass. Plus, it can withstand higher temperatures. Our glass can withstand temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

How much does a shower glass installation cost?

It depends. Most installations will cost about a grand, but that cost can vary by the size of the panels created, the number of panels created, and the complexity of the project (if, for example, you have a sloped ceiling, it’ll require more measurements, more accurate glass cutting, and a longer installation process). If you’d like to get a quote for your particular project, simply reach out to us! Also, take note: We’ll have to charge more if we’re taking out existing shower or bath components.

How long does an installation take?

Again, it depends. That said, we can perform most installations within a day. Once your door and panels are measured, we cut the glass off-site. Then it’s just a matter of mounting the panels to your ceiling and walls once all of the glass is cut (and applying caulk wherever necessary). Often, we can complete a project in a couple of hours (although we’ll have to measure your shower prior to the actual installation). If you’d like a more accurate estimate of our completion time, just ask us while we’re at your home for the measurement phase.

Are there any height restrictions for your glass shower doors?

Glass shower doors have to be at least 72 inches in height (so that people can easily move through the door frame). In addition, most shower doors are less than 96 inches in height. Depending on the height of the door, we may utilize a thicker glass to ensure that the panel doesn’t break. We can also install a glass panel above the shower door if you’re creating an enclosure for your shower and you’d like to stick with a shorter shower door height.

How do I keep my new glass shower clean?

Cleaning your glass shower is simple. We recommend investing in a small, handheld shower squeegee to remove water from the panels after each shower. This quick process will help to ensure that mold and mildew don’t build up on the surfaces of your shower.

You can also use any household glass cleaners to keep your glass panels spotless and sanitary. Simply spray the surfaces of your shower and wipe them down, just as you would with a mirror.

How soon can I use my shower?

On most projects, we’ll have to use caulking around the edges of your shower, wherever the glass components come into contact with a wall, ceiling, or floor. If we do use caulking, you’ll have to wait for the caulk to set until you take your first rinse in your brand new shower. We recommend that you wait 12 hours at the very least before showering if there is any caulk in your new shower build. It’s best to wait a full 24 hours to be entirely sure that your caulking has completely dried and set. If you don’t wait, water can penetrate the seal behind your caulk, rendering it useless.

Don’t “DIY” Your Project

Everyone likes saving money, right? And with the “University of YouTube” at your fingertips, there aren’t many projects around the house that can’t be conquered by the average “Do-It-Yourselfer.” While this may be the common belief, there are certainly a few things that are best left to the professionals.

Take, for example, the average handyman contractor, skilled at nearly everything; flooring, plumbing, painting, and electrical. While they pride themselves on being able to do it all, even they know where to draw the line.

For example, many will sub out things like counter fabrication and yes… even glass work.

There’s a reason why handymen, developers, and other contractors sub out their glass work. It’s a skilled trade unto itself. Measuring, cutting, and installing glass showers requires knowledge, years of practice, and a host of tools that are specifically designed for our industry. So, if you’re considering turning your upcoming shower project into a DIY project, we urge you to reconsider. Trust us, you’ll save yourself time, money, and a big headache.

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