Are you planning on selling your home in the near future? Are you trying to find ways to get the most money from your investment? Typically, doing some renovations to your home increases the overall value considerably. The problem is, not everyone is in a position to invest a lot of money into projects of that price point. The fact of the matter is, while many home buyers are fine with just having a home warranty, most really want a home they feel is an escape for them. This usually means an updated home with features that cater to that desire.


The simple answer here is, it doesn’t have to be. Yes, other rooms in the home can be quite expensive to remodel, but a master bathroom remodel is relatively inexpensive. You have to consider that people shopping for their new home are quite picky and rightfully so. They are investing a lot of money into something long term, so they want as much of their needs met as possible. The common thread with these buyers is that a nice master bath really has a lot of appeal. That being said, a bathroom remodel could be the thing that sets your home apart, but you have to do it right.


Many existing master baths are plagued by old trends such as large boring vanities and plain tubs. When you do your remodel, make sure to include features that have universal appeal, so don’t pull ideas from your own tastes necessarily, rather look at what is selling. For example, vessel sinks and frameless glass shower doors are a steady hot trend. But don’t stop there, consider these three hot trends in modern bathroom remodel projects:

Tile Is Where It’s At

Ditch the vinyl and faux wood flooring, tile is where it is at. Tile is not just popular on the floor, but in a shower enclosure as well. One of the hot patterns for the shower and floor is the “subway” tile pattern. Tile is also easy to clean, it can handle moisture easily, and it keeps the bath cooler as well.

Ditch the Tub, Embrace the Walk-In

The days of the large tub are fading quickly, buyers want spacious walk-in showers with a built-in seat and spa-like shower heads. Zero degree shower door entries and glass enclosures are also popular, and they give the bath a resort style feel.

Granite Counter Tops Are Hot

That faux marble countertop in your grandmother’s bathroom has gone the way of pleather sofas and wood paneling. Faux marble was pushed to the side while more refined granite countertops were welcomed in as the new trend. Giving your bathroom an earthy feel, granite goes well with bamboo wood cabinets or even stainless steel and frosted glass for an industrial, chic look.


Whichever direction you choose to go with your master bathroom remodel, you can’t forget quality glass shower enclosures and bathroom mirrors. New Luxe has you covered for all of your bathroom glass needs. Give us a call for a free estimate!