When it comes to home improvement, Houston bathroom remodel projects have been a hot trend the last few years. Now when it comes to bathroom makeover ideas you have a lot of different things to consider: the size of your bathroom, whether you want to work with the existing shower or tub or if you want to replace it, and many other options. The technology available for bathroom remodel projects has also taken off, with the advent of smart technology. With high-tech lights and auto-sensing faucets, bathrooms have become highly modernized. Nevertheless here are some main points to take into consideration for your bathroom makeover.


While some restrooms can double as a guest bedroom, the majority of our Houston bathroom remodel jobs are on average to small bathrooms, according to local contractors. With the rising trend of tiny homes as seen on HGTV, maximizing the space you have has become even more important, no matter the size. In large restrooms make use of your available space with countertops and cabinets, but be sure to leave enough open space to unwind and not feel closed in. Conversely, with small bathrooms, make use of mirrors anywhere you can. Mirrors will give the illusion of a larger space so that your bathroom does not feel so claustrophobic. Try using them on the bathroom cabinet doors and even countertops for maximum effect and to blend them into the design.


Sure, if your budget was unlimited, you could have the most luxurious features like a polished limestone bath, granite lined walk-in shower, heated floors and quartz crystal hot sauna built in. But let’s get real, most Houston bathroom remodels have a budget; be it generous or frugal, you can find materials and features that will fit into all budgets.


When it comes to materials, finding a deal can be hard but it can definitely be found. One way to find a deal is to hit the surplus builder supply outlets. These warehouses are known treasure troves of clearance deals on materials that may not have sold as expected but may be perfect for your tastes. You can also find things like granite slabs that have imperfections that are not very noticeable, and they can still make a beautiful countertop. You can also try refacing your old cabinets instead of buying new ones; quite often old cabinets can be made to look brand new and different by refacing. Second-hand shops are also a good source for accent items or things you can turn into cute accents. Watch “Flea Market Flip” if you need inspiration.


One of the earmarks of a good Houston bathroom remodel project is to follow a theme that suits your style. Themes can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. We have provided our mirrors for themes that range from Japanese art to beachside villa. Your style will dictate your theme.


There is one constant that any bathroom must have to have a good feel about it, and that is quality bath glass. Whether it’s a walk-in shower, new mirrors, or a glass brick shower wall, NewLuxe has you covered with the best in the business. Contact us today for a free consultation.