When it comes to “rooms of refuge” in your home there are three main rooms that come to mind with regards to interior design schemes. Your bedroom is typically the first, naturally, it is where you rest, get ready in the morning, etc. The second is the kitchen — for nourishment, company and comfort, nothing beats conversing around the kitchen while cooking. The third, and a room commonly overlooked by homeowners, is the bathroom. While many homebuyers overlook its impact, they don’t even realize it is important. Your bathroom is where you spend a lot of time showering, shaving, taking a relaxing bath, and other activities. The space can make or break the peaceful atmosphere of your home, so if yours is lacking, there are a few things you can do to make your bathroom a sanctuary.


Huge soaking tubs or jetted tubs are remnants of the big, bold 80s. Today’s trend in bathrooms is the chic and spacious walk-in shower. Bucking the old trend of the huge tub and small single shower, larger open showers are the norm now. They are much more useful and include features like built-in ledges for sitting and shaving, recessed built-in shelves, and more. Add non-slip tiling for safety, and glass hinged doors for style. When considering shower heads, the options are limitless — mounted multiple jets, overhead rain shower heads, and handhelds are all popular. When you add a shower like this you may never want to leave the bathroom.


Granite, while still a popular choice in interior design for bathroom countertops, can be pricey to purchase and difficult to maintain. For those that seek a luxurious look as well as low maintenance, quartz counters are the hot trend for bathrooms. This material is very low maintenance, and performs well with moisture which is always a challenge with bathroom counters.


Another hot trend for bathroom interior design is a very earthy color palette and earth accent materials. Colors such as charcoal, mahogany, and gray all come together to create a warm space. Treated natural wood accents such as wood palette towel hangers, bamboo floors, and other wood accents give it an earthy feel while maintaining a modern look. Another hot color in a minor accent role is emerald greens or turquoise; these colors represent restoration and new life, and they will make your bathroom feel rejuvenating.


When you finally have your “estate” home, that is the home you plan to live the rest of your life in, you want it to grow with you and stay relevant. This has been an important factor in bathroom interior design. Designers are creating bathroom spaces that are not only beautiful but will grow with a homeowner through their various stages of life. Safe bathrooms such as these do not have to look clinical and many design elements are universal and blend in with any scheme. After all, who wants to spend 15k to make their bathroom safe when they hit 70? Do it now, and make it stylish and you will enjoy it for years to come.

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